Kristaps Porzingis Says He Has No Ligament Damage in Injured Ankle

GREENBURGH, N.Y. — Hobbled as he seemed to be, Kristaps Porzingis took the floor Friday amid the Knicks’ practice. He participate with his colleagues in a free-toss rivalry toward the finish of the session, trading shots with Courtney Lee at one wicker container. Some portion of Porzingis’ clothing: lower leg high socks and flip-flops.

Porzingis will likely wear dress shoes Saturday night for the Knicks’ diversion against the Philadelphia 76ers at Madison Square Garden. A sprained right lower leg is probably going to keep him out after he was harmed Thursday amid the Knicks’ 119-104 misfortune to the Cavaliers in Cleveland. Porzingis saw a specialist on Friday and said that he had been informed that he had endured no tendon harm.

It was a piece of uplifting news for the group and Porzingis, its 21-year-old growing star. Mentor Jeff Hornacek articulated him dicey for Saturday, and Porzingis would not focus on returning Monday, either, for a home diversion against Toronto.”I surmise that is a plausibility, in any case, once more, I would prefer not to state anything that will get me in a bad position,” he said. “I would prefer not to state that I’ll play.”

The Knicks will without a doubt miss him. At 23-35, they now claim the eighth-most exceedingly bad record in the N.B.A., and their playoff trusts have quickly reduced. They didn’t get any assistance at the exchange due date this week, and Hornacek utilized Friday’s practice as another reset, concentrating on essentials like slipping screens and boxing out. The Knicks, it is clear, are still in some issue. Derrick Rose called the triangle offense — the style made popular by Phil Jackson, the Knicks’ group president — irregular, and Hornacek said the group was all the while getting accustomed to it.

Rose, who was accounted for to be potential exchange lure at the exchange due date, had a protracted discussion with General Manager Steve Mills after practice however left before long. After the finish of his session with columnists, Rose said he was in a rush since he needed to get a plane. Where, a journalist asked, would he say he was going?

“Chicago,” Rose said.

A Knicks official later said Rose had been clowning.

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